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Erin and Peter


             Sophisticated & Bohemian               
Erin and Peter were dream clients. They completely trusted in Vicki and her vision for their wedding and the result was stunning. Erin and Peter have known each other since high school and dated long distance for eight years. The Bride and Groom had already chosen the Wilson County Show barn for their reception space as it was...

All About Design

<p style="font-family: 'TSEdit'; font-size: 80px;text-align: center;">All About Design</p>

As a wedding planner, one of the first things I discuss with my client couples is the STYLE they want for their wedding. We talk about their hobbies, traditions, favorite foods, and drinks and what things are most important to them on their wedding day. I ask them to tell me what they envision and what they want their guest experience to be like. We determine if they are wanting something casual and cool or more traditional and formal.

At this point, a lot of brides get stuck on selecting “wedding...