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As a wedding planner, one of the first things I discuss with my client couples is the STYLE they want for their wedding. We talk about their hobbies, traditions, favorite foods, and drinks and what things are most important to them on their wedding day. I ask them to tell me what they envision and what they want their guest experience to be like. We determine if they are wanting something casual and cool or more traditional and formal.

At this point, a lot of brides get stuck on selecting “wedding colors” by perusing endless combinations on the internet. Let me just tell you, Pinterest can be a blessing and a curse. It is an awesome place for inspiration, but it’s easy to confuse yourself or complicate things when you can’t find a stopping point. The advice I give my clients is to really think about your wedding “style” more than your wedding “colors.” Don’t box yourself in with 2-3 specific shades. Not only will this impossible matching task drive you crazy, but it’s also a sure way to date your wedding.

Here are a couple of examples for you:

One of my client couples absolutely love fishing and being on the water. Their wedding will be on the coast and when we were thinking about the style of their wedding, we decided to draw on the colors of the beautiful water and sky at sunset. So the wedding party attire and florals will compliment that in gradient shades of blue, navy, coral and peach

For another couple who got married at a posh, downtown hotel, we drew dramatic inspiration from the 1920s and kept with a bold, black and mixed metallic color palette. Although classic, their wedding was anything but boring with the incorporation of patterned linens and textural floral arrangements.


Here are some things I recommend considering when deciding on your wedding style:

  • Consider the season or time of year and think about appropriate colors for spring, summer, fall or wintertime
  • Think about your venue and its existing surroundings: if you’re working with brown walls, you may want to choose a lighter color palette to brighten up the space. If you are having an outdoor wedding with a lot of green grass and trees, you may want to choose some more vibrant, contrasting colors that will pop against the natural tones. 
  • Reflect on your personal style, including your own wardrobe. Are you drawn to bright colors & fun patterns or do you like to keep things classic and neutral? Draw on your favorites and stay true to your style.
  • Feel free to choose contrasting colors that make an impact or go a little more modern and chose a gradient or ombre type color scheme for an effortless look.




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