About us

Joyous 442 is a small, family-run business based in Floresville, TX.  Our team is a group of creative and organized people who appreciate a good party! Our team has servant hearts and we aim to honor God in all that we do with professionalism, compassion and perseverance.

J442 founder, Vicki Thayer, comes from a marketing and design background. Her passion in this business has been making client's visions and "Pinterest desires" a reality. One thing you will always notice about Vicki, is she is not phased by inevitable hiccups that arise during the process of planning an event. She takes stressful issues and handles them with a smile for her clients. From start to finish, she and is determined in making sure every detail is impeccable. 

There is something special about a J442 event, that is unmistakable. The guests of honor have an assured sense about them. You look around at the event and the hosts, family and friends are enjoying their party, not stressing about the behind the scenes tasks to be done. The decor is elevated, unique and strategically, yet artistically arranged. You hear guests commenting on the extraordinary transformation of a space that they never imagined could look so incredible. Whether you choose J442 to coordinate, design or plan and execute your event entirely, you will experience the much deserved privilege of enjoying your day, leaving the worrisome tasks to the team.

Joyous 442 is dedicated to Vicki’s late father, Richard Wayne Thayer, who found his passion for flying late in life but inspired us to never wait to chase our dreams.

For our family, the tail numbers “442” represent pure joy and the fulfillment of a dream.